Lies & Lying

The average person tells four lies a day. For many of us, reading that statistic is disturbing. How can we ever know when we are being deceived, and why are there so many liars out there? I think what is most interesting about this statistic is that it indicates that while we may plainly and […]

Loneliness and COVID-19

As social creatures, the introduction of the idea of “social distancing” has been hard for many of us. Limiting human connection can have immense impacts on us all, for a variety of reasons. Learning that our social interaction carries inherent risk can also have long-lasting impacts on us.   Loneliness over time Though the feeling […]

Your Lockdown Survival Guide

Times are rough, let me help you navigate through them Our lives have changed, seemingly overnight. People are isolated to their homes. Social contact is dangerous. It’s damn near impossible to find toilet paper. Everything is different! Change is hard, even under the best of circumstances. Trying to adjust to this heap of changes while [...]