We are the Amicus Group

Effective solutions, one step at a time

Flexible and Dynamic

We use a client-centered approach to ensure that the service you receive has been specially tailored to fit your needs and goals. We are committed to working within the constraints that life places on you, by working with your schedule and needs.

Private and discreet

Your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed and overseen by a regulatory college to ensure compliance. With this assurance, you are free to focus on the therapeutic process without having to worry about your information being compromised!

Designed for Long-Term Change

We understand that therapy is a big commitment. By placing our focus on getting to the roots of challenges, we are able to work towards a long-term change so that you feel better in control of your life.

Resilience in Challenging Times

  • We live in difficult, unprecedented times. The constant shifts in our social, financial, and physical environments have caused many people to re-evaluate priorities, habits, and beliefs we may previously never have questioned. These conditions can cause or exacerbate existing mental health challenges for all of us - but they can also be an invaluable opportunity to reconfigure ourselves and tap into great strength. 
  • This workshop provides an opportunity to reflect on the challenges we are having, support participants in identifying their strengths for moving forward and shaping their biospheres in today’s changing environment, and offers tools to take action in our day to day lives beyond the workshop.